Challenge: The dairy lobby is trying to ban non-dairy milks from being labelled milk. How can Rippl create the case for pea milk be called milk?
Insight: Pea milk has all the same nutrients as cow milk, plus some extras. 8x the protein, 1/2 the sugar & 50% more calcium. The only difference it seems are the udders. People want udders.
Solution: You want udders, we'll give you udders. Because peas have udders too. 
OOH: Rippl will create a giant, lifesize pea that will be set up in public areas and allow people to try the product by "milking its udders". 
PRINT: The campaign will be supported by print ads that draw attention to this new kind of udder. 
IN-STORE SIGNAGE: If peas have udders too, it's best to let people shopping know about them. 
And to draw attention to the health & environmental benefits of drinking pea milk over milk from udder, um, udders. 
PACKAGING: To promote the peas' udders, Rippl will create new packaging for their bottles - a peapod with its udders in full display.
SOCIAL: Rippl will enlist their social followers to join the protest - by posting their own udder pictures on social media with the #peashaveudderstoo. 
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