Challenge: How to promote authentic journalism in an age of Instagram captions and short attention spans?
Insight: So much of our time is consumed with small talk. But we'd all prefer having conversations of substance - if we only had what to talk about.
Solution: Find the places where people make small talk. And teach them how to Make Some Big Talk. 
Copy & Art: Shaul Wolf
PRINT: Where do people talk the most small talk? When they're waiting for things like trains, busses and elevators. So the NY Times will teach them how to turn their small talk into Big Talk. 
PRINT EXTENSIONS: To promote the idea of Big Talk, the New York Times will choose strategic locations - places where people typically date, meet with friends, make small talk - and give them Big Talk excerpts from New York Times articles about those very locations.
Like the subway...
The Highline...
And the queue at the Empire State Building.
OOH: The New York Times will look for places where people make small talk and directly insert Big Talk themes into their lives.
Like Metro Cards for the train ride...
And coffee cup sleeves for the morning coffee run....
APP: Big Talk is a trivia app with a twist: Each answer links to a series of New York Times articles discussing the topic at hand and giving the opportunity to learn so much more.
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